About the use of cookies

In order to provide you with a pleasant user experience, we use cookies on this website. Learn what cookies are, how they work and why, and what cookies we use on our website.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that the website you are viewing transfers to your computer or other device with which you browse the web (phone, tablet). They are very useful for users as they contain information that helps to make the website work better. Cookies do not collect your personal information and do not allow any identification of the user of the website.

How do cookies work?

The first time you visit the website, cookies are downloaded to your computer. With them, the use of the website is more pleasant, more efficient and tailored to the individual user. Cookies store information about language and location settings, the content of your shopping cart, show you ads tailored to your interests… Website operators use them to obtain information about the number of visitors to their website, the most read content, the most used functionalities… and based on this, they can improve and make the website more user-friendly.

Types of cookies

Temporary or session cookies are not stored, but are deleted each time you close the browser. Persistent or stored cookies remain persistent even when you close the browser. They are used to store registration information, page language settings, to analyze traffic… They can stay on your computer for days, months or even years.

Own cookies (1st party cookies) are from the website viewed by the user and can be permanent or temporary. The website uses these cookies to store information and will use them again the next time the user visits the website.

Other cookies (3rd party cookies) originate from other, partner websites (these, for example, display advertisements on the original website or measure traffic). Third parties with them can collect user data from different websites and use them for different purposes, e.g. to advertise, analyze, improve their products.

Which cookies do we use on www.kzmb.si?

_cfduid, selected language
Drive.Google.com, video

These are temporary cookies that will be deleted when you close your browser. They are used to temporarily store information such as the selected website language

Your cookie settings

There are several ways to manage and control your cookie settings.

Our website uses only session cookies, which it urgently needs for its operation. It is not possible to exclude these cookies.

Exclude cookies in the web browser

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